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Education is prosperity and it is a gift a nation can give to its members whether from rich, poor or orphans. Whether from estates, slums or rural areas, you need education in order to live a good life and socialise with other people harmoniously.

in 1995, when I was in German Institute of Education(Goethe), I learnt about Berlin street children and I flashed back to what I used to see in our village.

I decided to start this programme for children who could not go to school. My colleagues discouraged me from starting this programme. They said I could live poor for the rest of my life.

Madam Judy the assistant director, who is my wife, also discouraged me because the Govt. had started providing free primary education.

As a born again Christian, I decided to go ahead and build the school because I believed it was God who had spoken to me.


The School began in 2001 as a nursery school with 14 children. 8 children were from a single parent families who could not afford school fees. 6 …

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Our aim was to educate the children from that area.

The school is located in a slum where most of the parents never went to school. It was a …

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